In this age of competition, when consumers have a plethora of choices when it comes to purchasing a product, here are some products which grabbed the spotlight, thanks to their unique & innovative product designing!

Kinder Joy

Chocolates are probably the most widely loved food product irrespective of the consumer’s age, gender, ethnicity, and geographical location. As much as there is demand for chocolates, there is no dearth in the supply either, with a variety of brands available in the market. However, in recent times, if there’s one product that disrupted the chocolate market, it is Kinder Joy, made by the Italian confectionary company Ferrero!

So how exactly has it disrupted the chocolate market? Full marks for those of you that guessed unique “Product Design”! The big, bright, orange & white, egg-shaped product packaging, encompassing on the inside, a milky cream & cocoa cream with two crispy wafer balls and a toy, became an instant success with the kids. The product design was revolutionary as it combined chocolate with a unique experience as well as a toy, and customised the experience based on the kids’ genders – a tinge of pink on the packaging for girls and blue for boys. The toys were customised for gender appeal too – Barbie based toys for girls and Transformers based toys for boys.

Kinder Joy, with its unique and unusual product design, has become one of the most successful chocolates in the market, being sold in over 170 countries across the world!

Paper Boat

In 2013, a small batch of Paper Boat drinks were placed unassumingly, without any advertising or promotions, across retail outlets in major metros. What came as a pleasant surprise to the makers of the drink was that the debut, just like the drink, was a sugar rush – the packs were off the shelf as quickly as they were on it, so much so that they had to revise their capacity plans! In just three years, Paper Boat was ranked among the top 10 brands in India and it was declared a breakthrough brand.

Again, what made the product such a huge success? Its unique design, of course. (No marks for guessing right this time!) As much as the name “Paper Boat” is the brand with which the product is associated or recognised, the unique packaging by itself has also acquired a brand image. The distinct shape of the packaging (a flexible spout pouch), the catchy graphics – the brand name “Paper Boat” with an illustration of the primary fruit with which the juice is made, and a paper boat floating on water, instantly caught the attention of consumers fishing in a market floating with clusters of tetra pack cartons of fruit juices. To add to the twist (literally & figuratively), each packaging had a quirky one-liner on the bottom. The company’s valuation, as of March 2019, stands at INR 876 crores.