Interactive session with the Hon'ble Defence Minister at Surana & Surana International Attorneys, June 8, 2018

With immense pleasure and pride, Team YellowBox would like to share with its readers that we had the honour of hosting & meeting the hon’ble Defence Minister, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman at our office, in the month of June 2018.

Dr. Vinod Surana, CEO & MD of Surana & Surana International Attorneys, and Co-Chairman of ASSOCHAM Tamil Nadu, has been working closely with the Central & State Governments for the past 3 years, to maximise Tamil Nadu’s manufacturing potential by foraging into defence manufacturing, and to create high-value market potential for the State. To that end, the Surana & Surana team has spearheaded various events to showcase Tamil Nadu’s potential to serve the defence sector. One such event is the Interactive Session with the Hon’ble Defence Minister, which was organised at Surana & Surana International Attorneys. In appreciation of Surana & Surana’s policy advocacy work of conceptualising and promoting a case for defence manufacturing in Tamil Nadu and the conception of the TN Defence Manufacturing Corridor which was readily accepted and budgeted for in the Union budget, Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman consented to meet with the industry.

The interactive session was attended by key social/ industry leaders who fervently interacted with the Hon’ble Defence Minister on vital topics relating to doing business in the defence sector. The event was a success owing to the fact that meaningful interactions such as these, between the Government and the industry, aid in the development & establishment of a transparent & efficient system.

After an intellectual meeting at our founder Shri. P.S. Surana’s residence, the Defence Minister met with the Surana & Surana team comprising of diverse professionals such as Advocates, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Management professionals, etc. In entirety, the Defence Minister dedicated almost 4 hours of her precious time that day.

It is notable that the UP Defence Industrial Corridor is modelled after the TN Defence Industrial Corridor which is the Surana & Surana team’s conception. The team takes pride in working with the Centre and State Governments to promote domestic defence manufacturing. It has been a challenging but enriching journey, right from policy advocacy to making the case and envisaging the project concept to preparing the road map for the project. It has been a fruitful experience for the Surana & Surana team, but more importantly, it has instilled in us a sense of responsibility to do our best and contribute to the development of our nation in whatever way possible, regardless of whether it is big or small.