Arrange in sequential ascending order

  1. a) Recruit b) Interview c) Application d) Probation e)Job Posting

  2. a) Timber b) Forest c) Book d) Pulp e) Paper

  3. a) Renewal b) Draft c) Grant d) File e) Examination Report

  4. a) Approval b) Build c) Blue Print d) Furnishing e) Foundation

  5. a) Sale b) Prototype c) Feedback d) Manufacture e) Design

  6. a) Watering b) Furrowing c) Harvesting d) Infesting e) Sowing

  7. a) Casting b) Editing c) Directing d) Releasing e) Story

  8. a) Icing b) Bake c) Flour d) Mould e) Dough

  9. a) Press b) Fabric c) Cut d) Measure e) Stitch

  10. a) Profit b)Tax filing c) Audit d) Accounting e) Transaction

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