Issue 13 - 2017


Greetings from Surana and Surana, India.

A lot has been written about the importance of branding and imaging in the ever-competitive world. While management consultants around the world emphasise on the creation of a strong brand, and lawyers around the world stress on brand protection, not much is discussed about the social responsibility that comes with brand recognition. YellowBox presents to you a unique view point on "Animals in brands - if they have got their dues", in the cover story section of this edition.

This edition also covers two articles, one on Internet Memes - if they amount to a violation of copyright, and another on ‘Assessment of a Mark’ which talks about the importance of creating a brand value.

In the spotlight section, we throw light on the achievements of Dr. Gufran-Ullah Beig, and for all the science geeks out there, a quiz awaits you in the fun-corner.

Enjoy the YellowBox experience!


Team Yellow Box