Did You Know?


Above pictured toy is SLINKY. This toy was Patented in USA, Patent No. 2415012 filed on August 21, 1946 by James Industries, Inc. Inventor of this toy Richard James and Upper Darby. This toy was invented accidently by the inventor Richard James when he was working for the production of the spring for a shipboard company and a rejected spring coil led to the invention of Slinky. Today, Slinky has reached worldwide as one of the favourite toy and still enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their age.


Above pictured is the Game board which was patented in Britain, Patent No. 9483 by Henry L. Haskell on July 09, 1898. Motive behind this invention is to keep youth out of pool halls and engage them with their family and also to prevent them from developing any bad habit. Today this board game is widely cherished as a leisure and family game.