Crossword Puzzle


3. In 2002, CSIR shared the first place with ________ for most PCT filings from a single applicant from developing nations (7).

5. Spanish company for whom EPO cancelled its intention to grant a patent for their anti-vitiligo cream (6).

6. Winner of World Dairy Innovation award in the “Marketing” category, conducted by 8th World Dairy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey (4).

7. Venezuela’s database contains data about medicinal plants and food crops, which are provided by twenty four ethnic groups living in the Amazonian jungle (8).

8. ________ has donated all its patents on electric car technology to the public (11)


1. Company founded by Mr. Anupam Pahuja which failed in 2008 (6).

2. United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cancelled six registered federal trademarks of _________ (8).

4. Name of Paypal Chennai incubation centre (9).

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