First Patent of the world

The first patent of the world was granted to an architect Mr. Filippo Brunelleschi from Florentine. Filippo received a three-year patent for his invention relating to a system which included a barge with hoisting gear that carried marble along the Arno River and a related method for transporting marble more cheaply via a paddleboat in 1421.



First Trademark of the world

Back in 19th century the Bass & Co Brewery used a Red Triangle logo for their pale ale and in 1876 this logo went on the become the world's first trademark.



First copyright of the world

The British Statute of Anne 1709- "An act for the Encouragement of Learning by vesting the Copies of Printed Books in the Authors of buyers of such copies, during the times therein mentioned", was the first copyright statute.



First Design Patent of the world

George Bruce was first to be awarded the design patent, U.S. Patent D1 for a new font in 1842.

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