Crossword Puzzle


1. Only Indian city attacked by German warship during World War I (7).

2. Chain restaurant giant who operates the brand 'Piles Café' (9).

3. Surname of the creator of the intelligent and witty cartoon character 'Chacha Chaudhary.' (6).

4. Innovation Challenge initiated by the Indian automobile giant Mahindra (9).

6. Middle name of the Hollywood film director accused by English artist Roger Dean. (7).


5. Captain Morgan is one of the brands owned by ______. (6).

7. Brand name of the Piramal Water Ltd’s 'water ATM' (8).

8. A person who has referred to himself as "golf major"(12).

Please note:

1. The first entry with all correct answers is eligible for an exciting prize.

2. Its simple – look around every nook & corner of this newsletter.

3. Winner will be decided on a first come basis, with all correct answers.

4. Terms and conditions apply.