Issue 18 - 2019


Greetings from Surana and Surana, India!

We at YellowBox, constantly strive to bring to you, our valuable readers, all things new in the fields of Intellectual Property (IP) and technology. True to that, this edition of YellowBox aims to cover new trends in the fields of IP and technology, through a cover story on “Industrial Design – The Modest Cousin of Patent” and an enriching article on “Internet of Things and Security of Boundless Data”.

For those of you looking for case & news updates in the field, head straight to our “Updates” Section – the incessant evolution of perspectives in the field of IP never ceases to amaze us!

We have gone off-script with the spotlight section this edition! It’s not on a person this time, but on “Innovative Designs” which are quintessential for the success of any product. Further to our cover story, through our spotlight section, we have endeavoured to highlight the importance of industrial designs through real life success stories.

Also, those of you who are “smartphone-addicts”, we have a pictogram challenge just for you in our fun corner! Don’t forget to send-in your answers to get featured in the next edition!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the YellowBox experience!


Team Yellow Box